Very Rare German Porcelain Lady with Ringlet Curls and Wooden-Articulated Body

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19" (48 cm.) Pink-tinted porcelain shoulderhead with oval-shaped face and elongated throat, black-sculpted hair with center-part, drawn smoothly around the sides of her face and forming into so-called "sausage" or ringlet curls, blue upper-glancing eyes, red and black upper eyeliner, single-stroke brows, accented nostrils, closed mouth with pert smile, blushed cheeks, carved wooden torso designed to accommodate the shoulder plate, shapely waist, dowel-jointing at shoulder and hips, porcelain lower limbs with attached dowels, slightly-cupped fingers, painted flat porcelain shoes. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Germany, circa 1840. Value Points: impeccable condition of the very rare doll, with unique shoulder plate construction designed for wooden body, perfect original body and limbs, beautiful complexion, and wearing early silk gown with fringed accents and lace bodice, undergarments.
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