Very Rare Portrait Doll of King Edward VII by Pierotti at his 1902 Coronation

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20" (51 cm.) Poured wax shoulder head representing a distinctively-featured handsome man with angular features,strong nose,high domed forehead,deeply-set eye sockets,in inset piercing blue eyes,inserted brows and lashes,defined shadows under the eyes,closed mouth which is virtually-covered by a superb moustache that is created from separately-inserted hair into the wax,along with similar neatly-trimmed goatee,extended sideburns,and hair at the sides,nape and top ridge of crown (the upper forehead and back of head is historically- correct bald); having softly-stuffed cloth body and wax lower arms and wooden lower legs. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Pierotti,a portrait model of King Edward VII at the time of his 1902 coronation,likely made as a special commission as few other examples are known to exisit: one at the Victorian and Albert Museum,one at the City Museum of London,one at the Wenham Museum and this; each is dressed slightly differently although all are in red. Value Points: very rare doll of exceptional artistry,the King wears his original red wool felt jacket with elaborately detailed gold braid and medallions,black trousers with gold braid,and leather shoes.
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