A Weekend of Important Doll Auctions Honoring An American Childhood October 4, 5 and 6 in Los Angeles at the Universal City Hilton

Dear Friends, 

When you met the identical Blackler twins of Southern California, you came away with one thought, one question, and one assumption. 

Thought? Here was the incarnation of California Dreamin', with blonde bouncy ponytails, wide beaming smiles, and insouciant charm. 

Question? Now, which one was that? Was it Valerie or was it Diane? For they were identical and in this case, one and one was way more than two. 

And assumption. If they collected dolls, surely the dolls would be sophisticated fashion icons of one form or another, a mirror of their own fashionable selves. 

Your assumption would be wrong. For what the prescient pair sought, gathered, cherished and filled every nook and cranny of their California home was exactly the opposite. Cloth dolls, paper mache, teddy bears, a veritable stable of wooden toy horses. Call the collection "Americana, the 1800s". Think folk art, think dolls that little girls carried across the plains during pioneering days. Imagine cozy. And then, think big, because once they began collecting, it never stopped. Literally thousands of dolls filled their home.

The framework of their unique and storied vision is the very essence of what will become one of the most beloved auction events in Theriault’s history. Beloved, of course, as they were legends amidst the last 45 years throughout Southern California antique and doll circles. Not just for their keen eye and renowned love and dedication to collecting, but as well for the happy personalities and bouncy joy they brought into every event and gathering. 

But the collection, never seen before and canvassing a passion for unique items that spanned their lives from their early teen years, is something to behold. This dedicated and beautiful volume will highlight so well the exact beauty they revered in building the essence of “An American Childhood.” 

“An American Childhood.” This will form the title of three days of events that will span from Saturday, October 4th through Monday, October 6th. Three full days and nearly 1500 pieces will have collectors in a virtual dizzy of dolls like never seen before. Two catalogues will commemorate this magical weekend in Los Angeles at the Universal Hilton, bringing home to the place they loved the magic of this splendid vision. 

Not to be a footnote however, and deserving of its own accolades and charm, is the Saturday event which will feature a special classic Marquis auction highlighting the Marysville Doll Museum. Lois Cohorst is the legendary eye behind this well-known landmark in the small north-central Kansas town that rests directly on the old Pony Express Trail. Lois, well known as a U.F.D.C judge and speaker, assembled a marvelous collection that spanned the entire history of dolls and will have collectors marveling over her beautiful pieces. From Bru to bisque characters to Izannah Walker to the largest collection of rare W.P.A. dolls ever auctioned, it is an event worthy of excitement on its own. 

But, of course, it is not alone. 

Because on Sunday and Monday the double-sized Marquis weekend, “An American Childhood”, will captivate collectors as we present the magical world and singular vision of Valerie and Diane Blackler whose collection will be like none ever presented in the world of dolls. Now, that’s saying a lot! 

Of course, on Monday late afternoon, following the day-two session of the Blackler collection, we will, as well, have a special finale Discovery Day event for only those in attendance. All in all: four auctions, three days, 1500 dolls. 

This is an event you must attend. You must see it to believe. We will gradually roll out images and details galore in the coming weeks but, for now, trust me and make your reservations so as to be a part of this historical moment in the world of dolls. 

Best regards, and looking forward to seeing you there, 

Stuart Holbrook