Wonderful and Rare Italian Felt Celebrity Doll,"Bombita" by Lenci

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18" (46 cm.) Felt swivel head with very plump face,pressed and painted facial features,round brown side-glancing eyes with brown curly upper lashes,rounded nose,closed mouth,unusual black fleecy hair with shaped sideburns,jointed arms and legs. Condition: generally excellent,very slight costume fading. Comments: Lenci,the doll appeared in the 1925 Lenci catalog identified as #267 "Bombita",and costumed as a matador in bright red felt costume with metallic thread embroidery,red cape with velvet accent,white shirt,black tie,stockings,black leatherette shoes with red edging and heels,and a black cap that is elaborately-constructed. "Bombita" was the name given to the celebrated Spanish matadors Emilio and Ricardo Torres whose height of popularity was at the time of the doll's production. It is one of the very few named celebrity dolls by Lenci. Value Points: rare model with delightful expression,wonderful costume with intricate construction and detail.
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