Wonderful French Musical Automaton "Danseuse" by Leopold Lambert

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18" (46 cm.) Seated upon a velvet covered base is a bisque head lady with large blue glass paperweight inset eyes, painted features, closed mouth, pierced ears, brunette mohair wig, bisque shoulder plate with shapely bosom, lady-shaped torso and long slender legs posed crossed at the knees, hinged right hip, wire upper arms, bisque forearms, wearing wonderful party costume of silk and lace, and holding a tambourine in right hand, and lace-edged black party mask in her left hand. When wound, music plays, her head turns in a circular motion, and she lifts her left hand with tambourine as though shaking it, then lifting the mask, while her right leg taps. Condition: chip in bisque at right elbow, one finger reglued, mechanism functions wonderfully. Marks: L.B. (key). Paper label with two tunes on base including "Carmen Chanson du Toreodor" and "Victoria Valse". Comments: Leopold Labert, circa 1880. Value Points: luxury automaton enhanced by portrait face, lavish costume and wonderful details of accessories and costume.
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