Wonderful French Musical Automaton "The Old Lady Knitting" by Roullet & Decamp

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24" (63 cm.) An old woman with highly-characterized head of papier-mache,is seated on a wooden chair,having glass eyes,sharp nose,open mouth with missing teeth,red age lines on face,grey mohair wig under Charlotte cap,carton torso with mechanism,papier-mache hands and lower legs. She is dressed in a burgundy gown with green cotton apron,black fringed shawl with embroidered flowers,beads,woolen stockings,black shoes,and holds a knitting bag on her lap and knitting work and needles in her curled fingers. When wound,she nods her head back and forth as though intently watching her handiwork,and her hands move to and fro in a realistic knitting manner,while music plays. Condition: generally excellent,mechanism and movement function well. Comments: Roullet et Decamps,the automaton appeared in their catalog as #265,"Vielle Tricoleuse" (old lady knitting),circa 1890. Value Points: well-preserved and charming automaton with realistic movements.
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