Wonderful Italian Cloth Lady Doll,Model 165/1,by Lenci

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27" (69 cm.) All cloth doll with felt pressed and painted swivel head,elongated facial shape and throat,brown side-glancing eyes,rich eye shadow,painted lashes and brows,accented nostrils,tiny closed mouth with pursed lips,long blonde mohair braids,muslin slender elongated torso and legs,jointed hips and knees,feet posed for high heels,felt arms. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: (two Lenci paper labels on skirt). Comments: Lenci,circa 1928,one paper label indicates the model 165/1,patented September 8,1921. Value Points: very beautiful lady with superbly preserved Hungarian style costume in vibrant felt colors with applique and embroidered designs,spectacular headdress,original paper labels.
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