Wonderful Italian Felt Character Russian Doll,Ivan,Model 186,by Lenci

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36" (91 cm.) Felt swivel head with pressed and painted facial features,narrow side-glancing eyes,fringed lashes and curvy brows,accented nostrils,closed mouth with wide beaming smile,row of painted teeth,carrot-red mohair wig,elongated felt torso and legs,jointed shoulder and hips. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Lenci,circa 1925,model 186,the doll was named "Ivan" in that year's catalog,wearing superbly-detailed costume in vibrant colors in the Russian folklore style having green felt jacket that is richly appliqued with felt floral and symbolic designs on the front,back and sleeves,with braided sash,yellow tunic,black short pants,high leather boots with embroidered detail,white gloves,brown cap with black leather brim. Value Points: very rare model with superb costume detail,vibrant fresh condition,wonderful facial sculpting.
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