Wonderful Pair of Early German Felt Character Dolls by Steiff as Bride and Groom 

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13" (33 cm.) and 12". Each is all-felt with center-seam and pressed facial features, disc-jointing at shoulders and hips. The groom has highly-characterized face with high domed bald pate, elongated crooked nose, stitch-shaped wide lips, stitched-on ears, green glass eyes, embroidered inverted-V brow, blushed cheeks and ears, mottled brown/grey sideburns and beard, short stocky body and over-sized feet. The bride has blue glass eyes, tiny painted lips, blushed cheeks, blonde mohair cropped wig. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: Steiff (metal button on groom with underscored F). Comments: Steiff, circa 1910, the dolls are being sold from the original Pennsylvania family estate where they were costumed in commemoration of an early 1900s wedding. Also included is the original costume of man, including vest, pants, and wooden sandals stamped "Steiff". Value Points: wonderful pair enhanced by his highly-characterized features, the happy couple are wonderfully-preserved in fine tailor-made costumes, he with ivory silk vest, fine woolen formal suit, boutonniere, top hat, and she with ivory satin gown with coronet of lilies of the valley matching her bouquet, and extended train. 
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