A Wonderful Pair of German Factory-Original All-Bisque Dolls

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5 1/2" (14 cm.) Each has one-piece bisque head and torso, loop-jointed bisque arms and legs, with sculpted short curly brown hair and hair ribbon, brown side-glancing eyes with decorative glaze, painted lashes and brows, tiny closed mouth with impish smile, painted white socks and brown shoes with a large bow. Condition: generally excellent, Marks: 10499. Comments: Gebruder Heubach, circa 1916. Value Points: together their entire "life", the little pair are in perfectly-preserved factory-original condition, one with blue painted hair ribbon and striped knit costume of blue, gold and turquoise, comprising a tasseled stocking cap, one piece dress and cream knit onesie; the other with orange painted hair ribbon, and solid color blue dress with orange trim, tasseled cap, and cream knit onesie; and each with original store label.
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