Wonderful Petite French Brown-Eyed Bisque Bebe Brevete, Leon Casimir Bru

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11 1/2" (29 cm.) Bisque swivel head on kid-edged bisque shoulderplate, amber brown glass paperweight inset eyes, dark eyeliner, painted lashes, feathered brows, accented nostrils, closed mouth with pale accented lips, pierced ears, brunette mohair wig over cork pate, plump French kid bebe body with square-cut collarette, gusset-jointing at hips and knees, bisque forearms, antique costume comprising cotton pinafore, undergarments, knit stockings, leather shoes and woven bonnet with red flannel lining. Condition: generally excellent, sturdy original body, two fingers restored. Comments: Leon Casimir Bru, circa 1878, his premiere bebe model with most enchanting sweet expression, exquisite bisque and painting, rare petite size.
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