A Wonderfully Preserved "Alabama Baby" by Ella Smith

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24" (61 cm.) All cloth doll with pressed and oil-painted facial features,brown painted short curly hair with golden highlights,painted blue eyes,richly painted lashes,upturned nose,closed mouth,plump blushed cheeks,stitched rounded seam at top of head,stitch-applied ears,stitch- jointed shoulders and hips,stitch-defined fingers with separate thumbs,bare feet with defined toes,wearing antique white baby gown with lace trim,undergarments. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: (illegible Smith stamp). Comments: Ella Smith's Alabama Baby,circa 1912,the doll,named "Lucky" by its present owner,Jacque Shafer; her purchase of the doll at a 1981 Theriault auction led to an acquaintance with the daughter of Ella Smith and subsequent publication of her book,"Ella Smith and Alabama Babies Scrapbook",a copy of which is included with this doll.
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